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Innovative K-LINE Trashcutter™ System reduces cultivation to maintain soil structure and soil water storage
Innovative K-LINE Trashcutter™ System reduces cultivation to maintain soil structure and soil water storage
Innovative K-LINE Trashcutter™ System reduces cultivation to maintain soil structure and soil water storage Retaining stubble to reduce erosion and increase soil organic matter Increased microbial activity for reduced fertilizer requirements Effectively reducing traffic across the paddock to avoid compaction Increased carbon content of soil and retention of moisture Advanced design lays the stubble to one side and then slices the stubble and bruises with self-sharpening discs Trashcutter™ cuts the stubble and spreads it evenly over the surface with very little soil disturbance

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Sustainable farming practices are a top priority in the agricultural industry today, with K-Line Agriculture Trash Management Machinery these practices can be achieved. 

The Trashcutter™ is a simple to use, fast and efficient trash management solution. With only low horsepower required this machine achieves minimal soil disturbance, even and consistent distribution of trash and low wind erosion.

Developed alongside Agronomists and Farmers, K-Line Agriculture extensive expertise ensures a quality system for improved stubble management.


The trash is laid across the front of the self- sharpening Coulters it is then cut and evenly spread across the surface

  • Adjustable cutting angles and down pressure 
  • Lays stubble to the one side 
  • Using self- sharpening discs the trash is sliced and bruised into short lengths 
  • 130mm disc spacing
  • Provides accurate depth control
  • Only requires low power, 7-9kw/m on level ground
  • Soil compaction is minimised
  • Increased stubble crown stays in the soil, giving a key for stubble retention and reduced wind erosion
  • Improves organic matter and microbial activity in soil reducing fertilising requierments
  • Trash acts a protective barrier which retains moisture
  • Increased carbon content 
  • Assists in the biological process to break down stubble and return nutrients to the soil
  • Reduction in fertilizer and chemical costs

With the Trashcutter™ there is little or no significant impact on the soil

  • Hydraulic depth control across the width of the machine
  • Adjusting disc angle
  • Adjusting down pressure 
  • Straw is more evenly cut and distributed 
  • Significant reduction in fire danger

Intelligence proven to perform, Trashcutter™ is now a patented solution. Also available in the K-Line Trash Management range are the Easy Fit Coulter Kits and Speedtiller®

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