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Cattle breeding operations from Kaloomah Herefords

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Kaloomah Herefords  are involved in breeding cattle for beef. Kaloomah Herefords offer more kilograms per acre of beef. This process is carried out with help of efficient management, superior genetics and providing the customers with a consistent quality product.

Kaloomah Herefords herd consists of 700 cows for breeding process. The cattle at Kaloomah Herefords herd are classified based on the progeny and fertility performance. The progeny developed after the breeding process provides young, high quality and fertile females. The cattle at Kaloomah Herefords are ear tagged electronically. The herd health and their performance are recorded in the computer. All information on birth weight to carcass information is provided to the customer by Kaloomah Herefords. The cattle are handled using horses on a regular basis.

Kaloomah Herefords have a recorded history of the cattle performance information. The complete critical performance data of each animal present in the Kaloomah Herefords herd is maintained using the computer software programme and practical systems. These help the management team in determining the quality and consistency of the herd. Kaloomah Herefords are recognised as a Cattle Care accreditated beef producer.

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