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Marwarra and South Bukalong sires from Kaloomah Herefords

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Kaloomah Herefords , located in north east Victoria, is involved in breeding cattle. The cattle from Kaloomah Herefords produce a high yielding carcass weight and have adequate fat for ensuring tenderness. Kaloomah Herefords classify the cattle, based on its fertility and progeny performances.

Kaloomah Herefords were established in 1962 and the stud were formed with help of formulated genetics. The sires of the Kaloomah Herefords were sourced from Lowanna, Parkgrove, Ardno and South Boorook. Recently, Kaloomah Herefords sourced its sires from Marwarra, Cobungra, South Bukalong and Dunnon. The genetics were obtained through the process of artificial insemination. 

The sire recently introduced to Kaloomah Herefords was the HH Advance 3021. This HH Advance 3021 sire improved the overall performance of the herd. The Marwarra sires at Kaloomah Herefords have well-built muscles and a high growth rate. The South Bukalong sires enhanced the carcass characteristics that already existed with the calves. These sires were selected to improve the genetic pool of the Kaloomah Herefords commercial herd. The cattle from Kaloomah Herefords are weighed periodically with the calves and the MSA requirements for average daily weight gain process.

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