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Trailers and business solutions from Kanga Loaders

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Kanga Loaders  provide custom designed and built trailer systems. The trailer system designed by Kanga Loaders help in providing convenience and portability for carrying out a wide range of projects. The trailers from Kanga Loaders include 1.8T single, 2.0T tandem, 3.5T tandem deluxe and 3.5T tandem series of trailers.

The 1.8T single series and 2.0T tandem of trailers from Kanga Loaders is 7 x 4ft and 9 x 4ft in size. These are ideal for two series Kanga and attachments. These trailers help in carrying the equipment to the required location in an organised and secure manner. It includes electric brakes, spare wheel and ramps. The 3.5T tandem trailer offered by Kanga Loaders is 11 x 5ft in size. This trailer suits larger machines and attachments. It comes with electric brakes, a single ramp and handy toolbox with padlocks.

The Business on Trailer from Kanga Loaders is a complete business equipment or tool package that is developed to provide the clients with right business solutions. The business tool offered includes financial templates and a marketing strategy guide required for operating the business. Each package from Kanga Loaders is customised to suit the individual requirements and has helped operators in different lines of work.

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