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Sahiwal cattle from Kanglade Sahiwal Stud

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Kanglade Sahiwal Stud  are involved in producing full blood Sahiwal cattle. Kanglade Sahiwal Stud are members of the Australian Sahiwal Society. The Sahiwal cattle from Kanglade Sahiwal Stud have a wide range of characteristic features. The Sahiwal cattle are red in colour ranging from reddish brown to white on the neck region.

The Sahiwal cattle from Kanglade Sahiwal Stud can be calved easily and it has the ability to reproduce upto 20 years of age. The cross breeding factors of the Sahiwal cattle include hybrid vigour, unique blending capacity. The cross breeding factors help in eliminating the calving problems, stabilises the quality of the herd and provide resistance against eye cancer. The Sahiwal bulls for sale include Dakabin Banshe, Dakabin Elmo, Dakabin Franky and Dakabin Flynn.

The Sahiwal cattle adapts to all types of areas and capability to flourish in tropical areas. It comes with equable temperament and are resistant to ticks and parasites. The Sahiwal cattle provide lean meat without excess fat. The Sahiwal cattle is a medium-sized cattle and it is ideal for small acreage land. It has the capability to survive in the sub tropics under harsh conditions. The Sahiwal cattle are known as efficient feed converters.

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