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Rams and ewes from Karori Merinos

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Karori Merinos  are involved in breeding sheep for wool. Karori Merinos started its operation in 1928 with rams and ewes. These rams and ewes were purchased from Emu Creek in Walcha. Karori Merinos stud have high performance rams with high clean weights and fine crimp. Karori Merinos stud produced progeny using wide varieties of genetics. The progeny were monitored based on wool production, constitution and the quality of the wool. The wool obtained from the sheep at Karori Merinos was deep crimping, soft and lustrous.

Karori Merinos are member of Sheep Genetics Australia. The database for analysing the performance of the sheep is expressed as ASBVs (Australian Sheep Breeding Values). The 04-drop semen sires from Karori Merinos include sire 040484, 040516 and 040562. The sire 040484 from Karori Merinos is bred by Karori Sire K279 X Karori stud ewe. This ram produces soft white wool. The 040516 sire had large framed ram and it comes with soft white wools. The 040562 sire from Karori Merinos are bred by Karori sire K609 X Karori stud ewe. This sire is large framed with long body and are resistant to worms.

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