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Wool sires from Karori Merinos

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Karori Merinos  are stud involved in breeding quality wool that is soft to touch.  Karori Merinos started its wool breeding operations with ewes and rams. The wool supplied by Karori Merinos are soft and white in colour. Karori Merinos breed fertile sheep that are of good constitution and work well in different environmental conditions. The wool from Karori Merinos can be processed into garments and the quality standard is high on both the breeder and the processor.  

Sire 02-0325(K325), at Karori Merinos are bred by the Karori sire 003138 X Karori stud ewe. The sire 02-0325(K325) is a wool sire and comes with good frame and soft loose skin. The wool carried by the sire 02-0325(K325) is spread evenly all over the body and is soft, white, lustrous and crimping.  This sire was identified as a high performing ram through the analysis conducted by Sheep Genetics Australia. The characteristic features of this sire are a 20 percent fibre diameter, 1 percent FD CV, 14 percent production index and 5 per cent staple strength.

Sire 050391(K391) at Karori Merinos are wool sire with a good frame and skin with soft white wool. The wool is deep crimping in style and has good length. This sire was bred from Karori sire K3138 x Karori stud ewe 990811.

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