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Brahman bulls and donor dams from Katoota Brahman Stud

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Katoota Brahman Stud  are involved in breeding Brahman bulls. Katoota Brahman Stud were established in 2000 and it sells its store bullocks to producers on a regular basis. The Brahman cattle and Brahman cross bullocks were used in breeding operations since 1952. The bullock fattening process is carried out by Katoota Brahman Stud through farm practice and pasture improvement programme. Katoota Brahman Stud offer seed stock for the suppliers to produce store bullocks. These store bullocks are produced consistently according to the bullock-fattening objectives.

Katoota Brahman Stud conduct breedplan programmes to enhance the quality of the traits. The customers are provided with estimated breeding value reports through the breedplan operations during the time of cattle sales. Katoota Brahman Stud are small and efficient. The pedigrees present in the Katoota Brahman Stud are completely imported and registered. The donor dams are rotated throughout the stud through the multiple breeding programmes. The stress of these donor dams is minimised by in-vitro fertilisation and artificial insemination programmes.

The donor dams from Katoota Brahman Stud include Lancefield Jessica Manso 2539, Katoota Silver Tiara, Katoota Marri Aubota, Katoota Paris Hilten, Clukan Kirsty 138/6, Brahrock Lady EB Manso 3478 to name a few.

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