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Shrouding systems, hammers and pivotal duckboards from Keech Castings

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Keech Castings  offers a new pin-on style shrouding system for draglines, shovels and excavators. The Armourtech shrouding system is specifically designed for safety. Keech Castings has also designed a range of soft hammers for workplace safety. Soft hammers are available in copper and soft steel versions.

Keech Castings supplies pivotal duckboards that are flexible and modular, designed to prevent tyre damage and increase load capacity. Pivotal duckboards are also designed to prevent damage when tipping. Keech Castings offers a new bucket edge system known as the Wearpact. The bucket edge system has a sharp design and offers full base edge protection. The hammerless system does not have any intrusive castings inside the bucket and provides better penetration. The bucket edge system is available in blade and tooth and blade configurations.

The Keech Inventory Management Supply System, developed by Keech Castings, operates through three styles of management that include inventory control and management through field service, Weartrack software programme and consultancy. In addition to supplying shrouding systems, hammers and pivotal duckboards, Keech Castings also offers retainer systems and a range of deep tillage and direct drilling points and adapters.

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