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Bale choppers from Keenan

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Kompact 160, from Keenan , is a labour saving mixer wagon that can feed as many as 120 dairy cows or 150 suckler cows in a single load. The Kompact 160 mixer wagon has a new design and has been upgraded to provide an additional 40 per cent mixing capacity.

Keenan offers another mixer wagon known as the Keenan Klassik, which is a popular diet feeder. The mixer wagon mixes and chops fibre and maximises feed utilisation and animal performance. Diet feeders require low power and are available in 8 to 28 cubic metres sizes.

Keenan offers bale choppers that have a unique mix structure to maximise intake and performance. Bale choppers have a twin chamber mixing design and require only minimum power. Bale choppers are reliable, durable and are available in 10 to 28 cubic metres sizes. Bale choppers are designed to optimise the Rumans Nutrition Approach.

The Klassik 280 is yet another mixer wagon from Keenan which has high capacity for modern mixing needs and provides perfect feed structure. The mixer wagon is designed to offer efficiency with minimum power requirements. The Klassik 280 mixer wagon is available with bale chopper options.

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