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Feed mixer wagons from Keenan

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Keenan  specialises in providing fibre-based nutrition strategies for improved animal profitability and reduced methane emissions. Keenan deals in nutrition management for dairy, beef and sheep and offers mixer wagons deliver improved feed utilisation, animal performance and profit. Mixer wagons cut fibre to correct length and structure, maintain physical effectiveness of the fibre and completely mix them without over processing. The gentle chopping and mixing design of the wagon reduces power requirement and stress on the machine, which helps in increasing the life and reliability of the machine.

In order to improve farm profits, Keenan has introduced a new system of farming and food production called Keenan Hi-Fibre system. Developed in conjunction with international scientists, the Keenan Hi-Fibre system improves feed conversion efficiency with major benefits for farm profitability, animal health and consistent food quality.

Keenan offers Klassik mixer wagon and Keenan Hi-Fibre system which help farmers to gain an extra two litres of milk from their cows. Keenan Hi-Fibre system was specifically developed to provide correct mix quality for improved cud chewing and rumen health. The new Keenan Hi-Fibre nutrition system combines Rumans nutrition strategies with the advanced mixing capabilities of the Klassik mixer-wagon.

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