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Centrifugal and sump pumps from Keidges Farm Machinery

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Keidges Farm Machinery  offers a range of pumps such as bore pumps, dam pumps, autocycle pumps, dairy hose down pumps, centrifugal pumps, sump pumps, homepak pressure systems and home jet pumps.

Keidges Farm Machinery supplies centrifugal pumps that are simple and general application pumps for homes, farms and gardens, where pressure and capacity is required to fill overhead tanks, hose downs, empty sumps, work fountains, etc. Keidges Farm Machinery offers sump pumps that are available in 6 models. These sump pumps are made of cast iron materials and consist of stainless steel shafts, dual silicon nitride seals, lip seals, oil baths, stainless steel strainers and float switches with cable.

The Air Aqua Autocycle pump from Keidges Farm Machinery is a self-contained, self-regulating pump that needs only a supply of compressed air to operate through a pumping range of 4.5 litres to 3600 litres. Due to the absence of pistons, buckets, impellers and diaphragms, the system is capable of pumping considerable amounts of solids.

Keidges Farm Machinery supplies home jet pumps which offer better pressure and deeper suction rate. Home jet pumps can be easily installed and are used for pumping ground level tanks, underground tanks, dams, rivers, spear points and water sources.

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