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Slashers and roller mowers from Keidges Farm Machinery

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Keidges Farm Machinery  offers farming implement such as grader blades, block splitters, slashers, roller mowers and drills. Keidges Farm Machinery medium heavy duty slasher which feature a three point linkage system, top cover, heavy duty clutch and drive shaft. The slasher also has safety deflector front with adjustable skids and flexible tower link.

Keidges Farm Machinery offers roller mowers which have fixed or swing back blades, twin C section belts and adjustable skids. Ram drills are also availed which have dual rail heavy duty booms, 50 or 75 horsepower heavy duty gearboxes, Cat 1 or Cat 2 hook ups, PTO shafts, greaseable bushes and hydraulic hoses.

Keidges Farm Machinery also supplies Gallagher power fencing products which includes electric fence systems, weighing and EID systems, automatic gate openers, gates and gate hardware and pet control systems. In addition to providing a range of farming implements and electric fence systems, Keidges Farm Machinery also supplies tractors, irrigation equipment and fencing equipment. Keidges Farm Machinery also stocks a large range of products such as battery cables, tractor seats, hydraulic links, stabiliser bars, mufflers etc.

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