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Tractors, pumps and irrigation equipment from Keidges Farm Machinery

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Keidges Farm Machinery  specialises in selling and servicing a wide range of tractors. Keidges Farm Machinery also provides irrigation equipment for farm, sports fields and residential purposes. Keidges Farm Machinery was established in 1936 to serve automotive industry and later moved on to the agricultural industry.

Keidges Farm Machinery offers a range of Air Aqua, Orange and Robin pumps which includes bore pumps, dam pumps, Autocycle pumps; dairy hose down pumps, centrifugal pumps, sump pumps, homepak pressure systems and home jet pumps.

Keidges Farm Machinery supplies a wide range of fencing equipment such as Aussie driver, Aussie Junior driver and Aussie hydraulic post borer. Aussie drivers have standard 2.5 inch cylinders and stands freely when removed from the tractor.

Keidges Farm Machinery offers tractors parts and accessories from Sparex. For over three decades, Sparex has been developing products and packaging to provide quality and variety to the customers. Keidges Farm Machinery supplies a comprehensive range of parts and accessories such as battery cables, tractor seats, hydraulic links, stabiliser bars, mufflers, to name a few. Keidges Farm Machinery also supplies Gallagher power fencing products.

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