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Birdseeds, oilseeds, clovers and grass from Keith Seeds

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Keith Seeds  produces Lucerne, pasture seeds, oilseeds, pulses, legumes, bulk commodities, seeds, birdseeds, millets, cereals, oilseeds, clovers, grass, legumes, chick peas, beans, lupins, lentils, vetch and lupins. Keith Seeds processes its products straight from the grower for human consumption.

Keith Seeds offers grain and seed products for both food processing and the pastoral industry. Keith Seeds specialises in breeding, producing, processing and marketing Lucerne, pasture and oilseeds and specialised pulse and legume products.

Keith Seeds has been operating since 1966 and supplies its products to both national and international markets. Keith Seeds provides information to clients about its products and services and offers free quotes on all types of seeds in machine dressed, farmer dressed packages and 20 and 40 feet bulk container orders.

Keith Seeds particularly focuses on three key aspects which include Lucerne and pasture seeds, specialised pulse and legume products and bulk commodities. Keith Seeds produces Lucerne, otherwise known as alfalfa, pasture and sprouting seeds. Keith Seeds supplies quality grain and seeds to both national and international clients. Keith Seeds offers bulk commodities which includes farmer’s dressed and machine dressed products.

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