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Cereals, pulses and legumes from Keith Seeds

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Keith Seeds  processes and markets a range of seeds such as birdseed, cereals, oilseeds, pulses, legumes, spices and split products. Keith Seeds produces birdseeds which includes French white millet and safflower, while cereals include wheat, barley and oats.

Keith Seeds offers oilseeds which include linseed and canola, while pasture seeds include Lucerne, medics, Haifa white clover, Persian clover, clover, grasses, Rhodes grass and ryegrass. Keith Seeds produces a wide range of pulse and legumes such as green mung beans, 18, 14 and 11 millimetres broad beans, Tyson and Desi chick peas, 7, 8, and 9 millimetres Kabuli chick peas, dun peas, Faba beans, Hamburg lupins, speckled lupins, vetch and lentils.

Keith Seeds markets a range of spices which includes fenugreek and whole and split coriander.

Split products such as Faba Beans, yellow split peas, red split lentils, split broad beans and channa dhall are also provided by Keith Seeds.

Keith Seeds process its products straight from the grower for human consumption. Keith Seeds has been operating since 1966 and supplies quality grain and seeds products to local, national and international markets.

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