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Mulch chains, pickups and trailers from Kelly Engineering

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Kelly Engineering  specialises in manufacturing custom made farm machinery which includes disc mulch chains, pea pickups, trailers and comb trailers. Kelly Engineering supplies practical and reliable farm machinery.

In addition to manufacturing farm machinery, Kelly Engineering also offers alteration and modification services on all makes and models of machinery. Specialised repair, mechanical repair and maintenance services are also provided by Kelly Engineering. Kelly Engineering ensures that its products contribute to sustainable agriculture like improved soil structure and productivity, build up of soil organic matter, optimum use of soil moisture and weed management. Kelly Engineering initially used to modify and repair machinery as a hobby and then subsequently moved on to produce practical and reliable farm machinery.

Kelly Engineering aims to manufacture machinery that will enhance soil structure, reduce erosion and also reduce soil and nutrient flow into waterways. Kelly Engineering also strives to produce affordable farm machinery and keep tracks of new and updated developments and industrial needs.

Kelly Engineering provides metal fabrication, machinery repair and mechanical repair and maintenance services. Kelly Engineering also stocks a comprehensive range of spare parts for agriculture use.

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