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Agricultural foods, nutraceuticals and biofuels from Kemin Pacific Region

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Kemin Pacific Region  is a nutritional ingredient manufacturer and produces agricultural foods, pet foods, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and biofuels. Kemin Pacific Region helps in improving the health and nutrition of the world with functional products and provides maximum benefits through enhanced scientific research. Kemin Pacific Region has 11 independent companies and serves over 60 countries.

Kemin Pacific Region develops, manufactures and markets superior shelf life solutions for food industry. Kemin Pacific Region offers solutions for primary shelf life issues like oxidative degradation and microbial degradation. Antioxidants from Kemin Pacific Region maintain the product stability by preventing the oxidation process. Antimicrobial systems from Kemin's Kemin Pacific Region are extensively used by manufacturers of flour, corn tortillas, breads and other bakery goods.

Kemin Pacific Region has recently added functional food ingredients to reach other areas of the food industry. Kemin Pacific Region provides superior products that meet and satisfy the growing demands for eye, skin and weight loss concerns.

Backed by innovation and technology, Kemin Pacific Region has complete understanding and thorough knowledge in manufacturing sustainable food products. Kemin Pacific Region specialises in providing safe and nutritional products and programmes which are designed to meet the needs of customers.

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