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Natural and synthetic pet food antioxidants from Kemin Pacific Region

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Kemin Pacific Region  has developed natural antioxidant formulations that offer optimum freshness protection for pet food and ingredients. Kemin Pacific Region manufactures and markets quality ingredients for petfood manufacturers and suppliers.

Kemin Pacific Region offers natural and synthetic petfood antioxidants. Naturox is a range of liquid and dry products which comprise of natural antioxidants. The Naturox antioxidants are designed to protect pet foods and ingredients from autoxidative deterioration, and help in retaining the freshness of pet food. Pet-Ox, Termox and Rendox from Kemin Pacific Region are synthetic antioxidants which are designed to protect pet food, treats and ingredients from autoxidative deterioration.

Since vegetable and marine oils high in omega-3 fatty acids are difficult to stabilise, Kemin Pacific Region has developed Paramega, which is a range of products for difficult-to-stabilize pet food ingredients. Paramega contains natural antioxidants. Palatants, mould inhibitors and antimicrobials are some of the other products for pet food preservation.

In addition to manufacturing antioxidant formulations for the pet food industries, Kemin Pacific Region has also developed a range of high quality science-based dietary supplements for health and overall well being. Kemin Pacific Region improves health and nutrition with functional products.

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