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Bulls and semen from Kenrol Brahman Stud

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Kenrol Brahman Stud  deals in commercial cattle such as Brahman cows and bulls. Currently, Kenrol Brahman Stud has about 100 grey breeders. Kenrol Brahman Stud was established in 1968 and is sowned and operated by Ken and Wendy Cole. Kenrol Brahman Stud’s property is approximately 1000 acres and is ideally located to provide easy accessibility to the Gracemere Saleyards.

Over the past seven years, Kenrol Brahman Stud has introduced embryo programmes by utilising some of the quality genetics in the Brahman breed. Kenrol Brahman Stud has now opened a licensed embryo collection centre for overseas markets. Since 2003, embryos have been exported to New Caledonia and Brazil. Kenrol Brahman Stud focuses more on quality rather than on quantity.

Kenrol Brahman Stud offers semen from a number of pedigrees. MSP Esto Cherra 754 bull has natural muscling, exceptional temperament and a good sheath. JDH MR Alton Manso (IMP US) bull is a long bodied sire which has good pigmentation and bone. This bull has great temperament and shows good Brahman traits. The WR Mr Sid 305 (IMP) is yet another bull which is noted for its sire appeal, docility, correct structure and sheath.

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