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Kenso Agcare producer of quality crop protection products including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators, foliar fertilizers and adjuvants.
Large producer of glyphosate based herbicides, trifluralin, paraquat,phenoxy’s and many others for broadacre farming and the production of cereals, horticulture and cotton crops and brush species weed control and fallow weed control. Premium glyphosate Ken-Up Gold 500 available ... + View more


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10/12/13 - Kenso Agcare commissioned independent trials to determine difference in phytotoxicity and yield effect from the application of glyphosate formulations.
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07/12/11 - Kenso Agcare explains that weed control for the season begins with grazing management in winter. This may include the use of herbicides.
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07/12/11 - Grass seed control herbicides can improve the grazing value of pasture and reduce the weed seed burden for next year’s crop.
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31/07/08 - Kenso Agcare supplies a wide range of agricultural crop protection products for controlling weeds and grass.
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