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Agricultural crop protection products from Kenso Agcare

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Kenso Agcare  supplies a wide range of agricultural crop protection products for controlling weeds and grass. Kenso Agcare offers Fluroken which is a group I herbicide and is used for controlling a wide range of broadleaf weeds in fallow, lucerne, maize, millets, pastures, poppies, sorghum, sugar cane and sweetcorn winter cereals. The herbicide can even be used for controlling woody weeds in agricultural non-crop areas, forests, pastures etc.

Ken Up Gold 500 from Kenso Agcare is a highly concentrated herbicide which provides optimum savings on freight, storage and handling processes. The herbicide contains high concentration of surfactant and does not require any additional wetter in most situations. The herbicide becomes rainfast just in two hours and is compatible with Trifluralin. Ken-Up Gold 500 herbicide is available in 20, 110 and 1000 litres containers.

Kenso Agcare offers a group A herbicide called Ken-Grass 375. The herbicide is used for controlling annual ryegrass and other grass weeds in cereals. Ken-Grass 375 herbicide is available in 20, 110 and 200 litres packs. Ken-Amine 500 is yet another group I herbicide which is used for controlling broadleaf weeds in cereals and pasture. The herbicide is available in 20, 110, 200 and 1000 litres packs.

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