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Herbicides from Kenso Agcare

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Kenso Agcare  offers a strong, low cost granular glyphosate herbicide known as the Ken-Up Dry 680WG. The herbicide consists of a number of features and can be used to control weeds in cotton plants, trees, vine crops, pastures and non agricultural areas. The Ken-Up Dry 680WG herbicide contains built in surfactants that eliminate the need for surfactants in most situations.

The Ken-Up Dry 680WG herbicide from Kenso Agcare is water soluble and compatible with a number of products including Atrazine, Oxufluorfen, Ken-Ester 800, etc. The Ken-Up Dry 680 herbicide contains a high level of surfactants for easy absorption. The herbicide is available in cartons of 15 kilograms and provides easy use and handling by eliminating spillage and cleaning.

Kenso Agcare offers a group I herbicide known as the Dicamba 500. The herbicide contains dimethylamine salt for controlling certain broadleaf weeds in winter cereals, pastures, conservation tillage, sugar cane, turf, rice and non-crop areas.

Kenso Agcare offers a group A herbicide known as the Cletho 240 EC. The herbicide is used for controlling certain grass weeds in crops. Kenso Agcare offers crop protection products for Australian broadacre, cotton and horticultural farm production.

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