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Merino sheep from Keri-Keri Merino Stud

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Keri-Keri Merino Stud  offers sheep that are bred on the criteria of survival, reproduction, wool and meat. Keri-Keri Merino Stud’s sheep are known for their large bones, soft open faces, huge plain bodied frames, rapid growth rate and soft wool.

Keri-Keri Merino Stud has been rigorously selecting the sheep on the above criteria for more than seventy years. The sheep is also chosen for other factors such as wide open frames, wrinkle free skin and structural correctness, particularly in the legs and feet.

Keri-Keri Merino Stud has big boned ewe weaners which are highly fecund animals and chosen for their twinning ability and milking teats. The ewes have dense and long staple length wool. Keri-Keri Merino Stud’s ewes are known for their high fertility rate and strong rearing traits such as milking and mothering traits to produce robust, healthy and heavy lambs at weaning. Sheep that do not meet the required criteria are culled.

Over the years, Keri-Keri Merino Stud has developed an impressive pre-potent genetic make up, that when crossed over other flocks and bloodlines, results in tremendous improvement in the livestock.

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