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Rams and ewes from Keri-Keri Merino Stud

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Keri-Keri Merino Stud  specialises in breeding Merino sheep, rams and ewes. Keri-Keri Merino Stud started its operation by purchasing rams from South Australia with a view to breed sheep that would adapt to varied climatic conditions. Later, in 1956 Keri-Keri Merino Stud started producing top priced ewes in 1956, which is still being continued today.

Keri-Keri Merino Stud was formerly established in 1962 and currently runs ewes and rams. The lambs were raised on irrigated pasture which resulted in huge lambing percentages. The lambs developed rapidly through this technique. Keri-Keri Merino Stud selects superior milking sheep based on survival, reproduction, wool and meat criteria.

Keri-Keri Merino Stud has a breed of sheep that has superior wool cut and meat and a high fertility rate. Keri-Keri Merino Stud’ sheep are doing well in other districts like New South Wales and interstate. Keri-Keri Merino Stud constantly produces new and exciting sires to satisfy current market trends.

Keri-Keri Merino Stud sold a large number of ewes at the 2007 Swan Hill Premier Blue Ribbon Sale. About 250 4-teater ewes were sold at top prices. In addition to the ewes, over 1000 blood ewes were also available from clients such as St Pauls, Ettrick, Glenbar, Melool & Woolmark.

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