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Keri-Keri Merino Stud  offers semen from many of its sires which are held at artificial breeding centres throughout Australia. Keri-Keri Merino Stud’s collection centre Riverina Genetics is run at Deniliquin, NSW.

Semen from Keri-Keri Merino Stud’s sires R2445, G0321 and W8107 is available for export. The sires are all 4 teat rams. Keri-Keri Merino Stud assists its clients in choosing the right type of breeding requirements and also provides information about rams, ram selection, progeny results and joining programmes.

Keri-Keri sire R2445 4T from Keri-Keri Merino Stud has produced outstanding progeny and was classed into the top category for highest percentage of ram weaners. The ram’s progeny are showing his characteristics of long and soft wools with good growth rates. The sire carries the 4 teater gene and his semen has been used throughout Australia.

Keri-Keri sire G0321 is a 4 teat ram from Keri-Keri Merino Stud. The sheep is a huge meat animal and has an impressive wool. The sire has produced outstanding ewes with exceptional mothering and fertility traits. All the sheep from Keri-Keri Merino Stud are paddock raised without any supplementary feeding or housing.

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