Kerlson Pines

Kerlson Pines supplies a range of bulls and cows for sale. Bulls include LLL Nuff Said, Koanui Class 2210, LLL Nuff ... + View more


Supplier news
01/08/08 - Kerlson Pines offers a selection of its herd at the annual field day which is conducted during the SA Beef Field Days in February.
Supplier news
31/07/08 - Kerlson Pines selects its herd based on their structural correctness, milking ability, eye pigmentation, colour and ability to rear a calf each year.
Supplier news
30/07/08 - Kerlson Pines specialises in breeding commercial cattle such as bulls, cows and heifers.

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Kerlson Pines (Head office) Update these details
RSD 46 Clements Gap
via Crystal Brook
SA 5523
Tel: 08 8635 4228
Fax: 08 8635 4143

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