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Angus bulls from Kidman Cattle Co

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Kidman Cattle Co  offers a diverse range of Angus bulls for sale. Kidman Cattle Co uses Angus sires which includes Ardrossan Admiral A2, Summitcrest Hi Flyer, Vermilion Yellowstone, Vermilion Dateline , Kidman Enigma X20, Ardrossan Connection X15, Ironwood New Level, SAV 5175 Bando 0699, Gardens Highmark, TC Stockman 2164, KCF Bennett Total, Millah Murrah Woody W100, Kenny's Creek Whitworth W134, Baldridge Nebraska 901, TC Foreman 016, Kidman Tradition Z21 and Twynam Yarraman Y17.

The Ardrossan Admiral A2 sire from Kidman Cattle Co has quality progeny that display good length, growth and muscle features. Twynam Yarraman Y17 sire is an early maturing bull with good muscle and has an impressive set of EBVs. Vermilion Yellowstone bull and is used to add length, growth and marbling traits in the herd. The bull’s progeny are showing great extension. Bando 0699 is an outcross sire and has produced progeny which are showing good growth, capacity and muscle.

Kidman Cattle Co will be offering Angus bulls at its property bull sale on September 2, 2008. Angus bulls are also sold privately by Kidman Cattle Co. In addition to breeding Angus bulls, Kidman Cattle Co also produces Poll Hereford bulls. The Poll Hereford bulls are powerful sires and display great length, depth and width traits.

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