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Kilmainhan  specialises in breeding cattle that produces quality red meat. Kilmainhan produces high performance seed stock which is able to meet most market needs. Kilmainhan restricts the joining periods which helps in emphasising fertility rate and produces females with adequate frame, low maintenance and good milking ability.

Kilmainhan breeds cattle with moderate birth weight and high growth with good muscularity, fat cover and carcass quality. Kilmainhan’s herds are constantly monitored for growth, carcass and fertility traits. Kilmainhan breeds cattle that meet both local and international market needs.

In order to provide clients with quality animals, Kilmainhan regularly monitors its bulls’ progress and records information accurately to the Breedplan. Kilmainha’s herd has MN2 status under the Australian Cattle John’s Disease Market Assurance Programme.

Kilmainhan provides data on the attributes of its bulls including birth weights, growth weights, scanning information, frame score and scrotal measurements. Kilmainhan also seeks independent assessment about the structure of its bulls to reduce any structural problems. The bulls are also tested for tenderness and marbling traits to enhance carcass quality. Kilmainhan does not use any growth hormones in its cattle breeding.

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