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Murray Grey cattle from Kilmainhan

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Kilmainhan  runs a mixed breeding enterprise and produces Murray Grey cattle and Kerry Blue Terriers. Kilmainhan primarily focuses on growth and carcass quality and raises all its cattle under these criteria. Kilmainhan supplies its steers to the feedlots and the females to the seed stock. Kilmainhan was established in 1976 and at present, offers a limited number of stud bulls each year.

Kilmainhan breeds cattle that meet both local and international market requirements. Kilmainhan manages its pastures by utilising rotational grazing which enable the cattle to reach their full genetic potential. Kilmainhan also participates in programmes which focus on building environmental sustainability with a variety of soil types.

Over the last seven years, Kilmainhan has recorded its herd performance on Breedplan. The calves have achieved a 9 percent increase in 200 day growth, 23 percent increase in 400 day weight, 32 percent increase in 600 day weight, 100 percent increase in EMA and 10 percent increase in carcase weight. The herds are comparatively better and maintain an under the average birth weight over the Murray Grey herd. Kilmainhan offers commercially viable cattle.

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