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The Kimbriki Ulong B5 (ET) (TNC) bull from Kimbriki Angus has an impressive pedigree and EBVs. The bull is placed in the top 10 percent for calving ease, daughters, gestation length, milk and Japan B3 Index. The bull is also placed in the top 20 percent for IMF, EMA and scrotal size. Kimbriki Ulong B5 (ET) (TNC) bull was given a GeneStar rating for having 6 favourable genes.

Kimbriki Alberda A9 (AI) (ET) is yet another bull from Kimbriki Angus which was sired by Alberda Traveler 416 and award winner Comfort Hill Jedda T19. The bull is structurally sound and has the pedigree to add great value to any herd.

Kimbriki Angus has a diverse range of 2006 and 2007 drop bulls. The 2007 drop bulls include Kimbriki Ulong C1 (AI) (ET), Kimbriki Wizard C2 (AI) (ET) and Kimbriki Ultravox C3 (AI) (ET), to name a few. The Kimbriki Ulong C1 (AI) (ET) bull has 2 favourable genes for marbling and 6 favourable genes for tenderness. Kimbriki Wizard C2 (AI) (ET) bull has 2 and 5 favourable genes for marbling and tenderness respectively, while the Ultravox C3 (AI) (ET) bull has 2 and 6 favourable genes for marbling and tenderness respectively.

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