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Vacuum harvester platforms and vacuum separators from Kimseed

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Kimseed  offers vacuum harvester platforms, vacuum separators and cone seeders. Vacuum harvester platform is a portable machine that has been designed to pick up seeds or pods from a variety of seeds including cloves, saltbrush, bluebush and acacias. The vacuum harvester platform has a suction hose which collects the seed and gently drops it into a drum. The harvester has a 9 horsepower petrol motor and is also available in trailer mounted model.

Kimseed offers vacuum separator with a continuous flow attachment. The continuous flow attachment offers quicker separation of seeds and significantly improves the seed cleaning process. To improve the efficiency of the vacuum separator, Kimseed has made a number of changes to the vacuum separator accessories such as larger trash trays, flow through attachments, and modified seed sample receptacles and continuous flow attachments.

Kimseed offers a wide range of aluminium and PVC sieves which are designed for easy use. Aluminium sieves are made of stainless steel and hence can withstand tougher working conditions. The sieves can be used to separate a wide range of materials. Kimseed offers Flexi-Stack sieves for screening small samples. Helicopter ground handling trolleys, TV camera mounts and laptop security cabinets are also available from Kimseed.

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