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Kingston Landformers  offers land levellers that range from 4 feet garden tractors to 16 feet heavy duty tractors. The range of land levellers includes the K-Tec 400, K-Tec 600, K-Tec 700, K-Tec 800, K-Tec 800HD, K-Tec 1000, K-Tec 1000HD, K-Tec 1200, K-Tec 1200HD, K-Tec 1400, K-Tec 1400HD, K-Tec 1600 and K-Tec 1600HD. Except for the K-Tec 400 land leveller, all other land levellers have tilting mechanisms. The weights of these land levellers range from 230 pounds to 5000 pounds. They are also available in various sizes.

Kingston Landformers supplies a complete range of earthmovers from Tec Earthmovers. These earthmovers feature heavy-duty pipe tubing constructions and unique hitch designs to distribute stress load uniformly over the entire scraper. These features allow the operator to move the loads easily. Earthmovers can handle all types of jobs, ranging from industrial to agricultural applications.

A wide range of earthmovers are available from Kingston Landformers. These include the K-TEC 9.525, K-TEC 1453, K-TEC 3100 Dolly, K-TEC 1233 and K-TEC 1225. The K-TEC 9.525 earthmover is designed for narrow applications, while the K-TEC 1453 earthmover has a larger pull pan. The K-TEC 3100 Dolly earthmover is designed for steel track tractors, while the K-TEC 3100 is popular in the agricultural sectors. The K-TEC 1233 earthmover has a unique bolt design which enables easy shipping. The K-TEC 1225 is a construction scraper for lower horse power.

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