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Pump covers, connection kits and accessories from Kingston Water Tanks

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Kingston Water Tanks  supplies pumps, pump systems, grey water systems, pump accessories, pump covers, pump connection kits, rainwater to toilet pumps, submersible pumps, tank stands and miscellaneous products. The pump cover range from Kingston Water Tanks includes Nylex pump covers, Precision Poly pump covers and Team Poly pump covers.

Kingston Water Tanks stocks about 2000 water tanks and offers over 15 major brands to choose from. These brands include Choice Plastics, Al-Ko, Bailey Rotomould, Bushmans, Coastline Plastics, Crocodile Tanks, Davey, De Zon, Domm Development, EGR and Flexi Tank, to name a few.

Kingston Water Tanks offers pump connection kits, tanks stands and miscellaneous accessories. Miscellaneous accessories include the Rain Alert and Leaf Eater. Rain Alert is a wireless device for monitoring the level of water in the water tank, while the Leaf Eater keeps leaves and debris away from the flow of water, eliminating fire hazards, mosquitoes and vermin from entering the water system. The Leaf Eater improves the quality of rainwater and reduces tank maintenance.

In addition to pump covers, connection kits and tank stands, Kingston Water Tanks offers round tanks, slimline tanks, camel tanks, underground tanks, cartage tanks and deck and bladder tanks. Kingston Water Tanks offers well known brands such as Tankmasta, Team Poly, Tuff Tanks, Universal, Waterstore, Oz Water Tanks, etc.

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