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Brahman and Bramalow bulls and cows from Kobblevale Enterprises

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Kobblevale Enterprises  specialises in breeding Kobblevale Lowlines, Bramalows and Jinghi Gully Brahmans cows and bulls. Kobblevale Enterprises also provides Fairymount farmhouse cheese. Kobblevale Enterprises is located on the Northern Darling Downs in Southern Queensland, Australia. Kobblevale Enterprises breeds Lowline cattle and Fairymount goats.

Kobblevale Enterprises’ herd comprises of Colombo Park Xerxes, Kobblevale Wilberforce, Colombo Park Xerxes, Kobblevale Tabita, Kobblevale Tabita and Kobblevale Surprise. Kobblevale Enterprises breeds Bramalows which perform extremely well because of their good parenting breeds. Each Bramalow is strong in its respective traits. The Bramalow cattle are produced by mating Brahman and Lowline cattle.

Kobblevale Enterprises produces Brahman cattle through rigorous natural selection. Brahman bulls and cows have better disease resistance and hardiness over other breeds. Brahman cattle have lower birth weights and the females display larger birth canals and hips. Brahman cattle also have good calving ease which is one of the strong traits of this breed. Brahman cattle are also known for better milk production which enables the calves to achieve early growth. Brahman cattle are also noted to have longer life span. Kobblevale Enterprises produces commercially viable cattle to meet current market demands.

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