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Goats and cheese from Kobblevale Enterprises

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Kobblevale Enterprises  breeds a variety of Nubian, Saanens, Toggenburgs and Melaans goats. Feleena is one of the Nubian goats reared by Kobblevale Enterprises. The goat is gentle and calm in nature. The Fairymount dairy herd consists of a variety of milking goats. The milk from these goats is used for cheese making. The Nubian breed provides milk, high in butterfat and protein, while the Saanen goats offer large quantities of milk. Toggenburgs, Melaans and the cross bred goats also contribute to the cheese business. Kobblevale Enterprises also offers Fairymount Farmhouse cheese.

Heifers and bulls from Kobblevale Enterprises have achieved a number of awards and ribbons at both local and royal shows. Kobblevale Enterprises has recently added a new cow to its Brahman herd known as Jinghi Gully Valentine.

Kobblevale Enterprises has purchased quality genetics to produce animals that display good bone and muscling traits. Kobblevale Enterprises uses Brahman bulls in its commercial herd. Stud Brahmans are produced by using imported semen. Kobblevale Enterprises also breeds Bramalow cattle that are hardy and display resistance to disease and parasites.

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