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Lowline bulls and cows from Kobblevale Enterprises

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Kobblevale Enterprises  offers Lowline cattle which are known for their meat quality, early puberty, muscularity, fertility and docility. Lowline cattle are pure Angus breed that show good fat coverage and marbling traits. Lowline cattle are quite fertile and produce a calf every year for a long period of time. Lowline cattle are also known to have good milking ability, and are generally docile in nature and can be handled easily.

In addition to breeding Lowline cattle, Kobblevale Enterprises also runs Brahman and Bramalow cattle. Brahman cattle are known for their hardiness, disease and insect resistance, heat tolerance, mothering ability and do-ability. The Bramalow cattle have sleek coats which make them resistance to ticks and buffalo fly. Bramalow cattle are also free from pink eye problems. Bramalow cattle are naturally polled breed and have the capacity to withstand extreme climatic changes.

Kobblevale Enterprises selects its Bramalow cattle based on genetically superior traits in order to develop animals with high carcass qualities. Bramalow cattle are of moderate size and are suited for smaller farming areas and are mainly bred to serve local domestic market.

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