Kotzur has been manufacturing grain storage silos for over 49 years. Their range of storage silos have since expanded to including silo models for grain, fertilisers, stockfeeds, industrial powders, plastics and minerals storage.
The benefits of a Kotzur Silo is that it is designed and constructed to be Gas Sealed to AS2628, the new Australian standard in gas sealed silos.


Supplier news
11/07/11 - Rimanui Farms' investment in a 7500 tonne grain storage and drying facility from Kotzur is making returns in more ways than one.
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11/08/08 - Modern Engineering & Construction Co provides design, manufacturing and installation services for a range of agricultural and industrial storage systems, fencing rails and grain aeration controllers. With over 46 years of experience in the industrial
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08/08/08 - Modern Engineering & Construction Co provides bulk storage solutions through a range of drying silos and industrial silos. Silos, manufactured by Modern Engineering & Construction Co, can be used for agricultural, industrial and commercial storage ap
Supplier news
07/08/08 - Modern Engineering & Construction Co offers design and manufacturing services for a range of commercial and industrial silos, fencing rails, water tanks, drying silos and grain aeration controllers.

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Kotzur (Head office) Update these details
56-60 Commercial St
Walla Walla
NSW 2659
Tel: 02 6029 4700
Fax: 02 6029 2307

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Kotzur K-Rail

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