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Krone Hay Equipment from Kubota Tractor Australia

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Kubota Tractor Australia  distributes Kubota tractors, mowers, excavators, engines and generators across Australia through a large network of dealers.

Krone hay equipment distributed by the company includes:

SafeCut Mower Shearpin System

The patented SafeCut system is designed to protect the cutterbar of all EasyCut mowers, excluding Cri roller conditioner machines. The system incorporates a shear pin, a special nut attached to the blade disc assembly and a pinion shaft that is threaded to suit the special nut.

During operation, if a disc strikes an object it will remain stationary momentarily, shearing the pin. By remaining stationary, the nut now acts on the threaded shaft and winds its way up the shaft enabling the disc to clear itself from the neighbouring discs that are still rotating.

A circlip at the top of the pinion shaft prevents the disc from flying off and causing any further damage. To resume mowing, the disc attached to the special nut is wound down using the special nut spanner supplied, and the old shear pin removed and replaced.

This system reduces downtime as well as costs and offers greater peace of mind when operating in adverse conditions.

EasyCut 32CV Float Front Mowers

  • 3.2m front mounted mower conditioner from Krone
  • Incorporates an advanced floatation system
  • The Float system increases lateral float characteristics and reduces the set-up procedure when changing from one tractor to another making the mower more versatile within a fleet
  • The Float system ensures constant ground pressure even in undulating terrain
  • Compact yet robust build keeps the mower closer to the tractor, reducing overall weight and overhang

Big M 400 Self Propelled Mowers

  • Cutting width of the mower remains the same as the Big MII with 9.7m cutting width for flail conditioner or 9.1m for the Cri roller conditioner machine
  • Rollers available in steel and chevron rubber
  • Equipped with a Mercedes 12.8L engine producing 401hp and emission levels lower than required for Tier III Euro 3A standard
  • Retains all the innovative features of the Big M II with increased power
  • Utilises more powerful wheel motors to deal with steeper terrain
  • Work rate in excess of 15ha/hr, 700-litre fuel tank and cutterbars protected with the Krone SafeCut system

Swadro 1000 Rakes

  • The new Swadro 1000 twin rotor rake bridges the gap between the 2- and 4-rotor rakes with a working width from 8.8m to 10m
  • Each rotor assembly is fitted with 8 castor wheels, 15 tine arms and 4 double tines per arm to ensure a clean sweep and high output
  • Maintenance-free DuraMax cam track carries a 3-year warranty and reduces maintenance time

Silage Wagons

  • Choice of three models for varying farm requirements:
    • AX280 GD is ideal for dairy farms as it is equipped with a standard cross conveyor to feed out fresh material to animals                        
    • MX350 GL/GD and ZX450 GL/GD wagons are suitable for larger operations and contracting businesses
  • High loading and unloading rates for chopped grass and maize silage
  • Wagons are equipped with the camless low maintenance pick-up
  • Wagons feature a knife cassette that can be swung conveniently to the left of the machine
  • Chain and slat floor of the wagons is angled down towards the rotor for a shortened travel of the crop inside the wagon, reducing horsepower requirements

Comprima Round Balers

  • Patented SemiVariable Comprima F155XC and the new CV150XC combination baler/wrapper feature the proven slat system from Krone to ensure non-stop baling unmatched by belt balers
  • A camless pickup, drop floor, a new net system and the new NovoGrip belt produce far greater productivity and density
  • Incorporates the benefits of a fixed chamber baler with less moving/wearing parts leading to reduced purchase price and maintenance costs
  • Baler is smaller and lighter than their variable chamber counterparts
  • F series balers can make bales of varying sizes from 1.25m to 1.5m in 5cm increments
  • Bales feed out easily and evenly with the clever design of the chamber


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