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Kubota Tractor Australia's L40 series tractor with turf renovation equipment used to prepare Flemington race track for Melbourne Cup carnival

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article image The Kubota Tractor Australia L40 series tractor with turf renovation equipment used on Flemington race track

Each year the Melbourne Cup carnival takes place on the lush surface of the Flemington race track, which Mick McMahon and his team renovate prior to the race with their Kubota Tractor Australia L series tractors fitted with turf renovation equipment.

“Over the years I have found Kubota tractors to be the best suited to my type of work. I require tractors that can work all day undertaking heavy turf renovation work without having to refuel, good efficient cabins where my operators can work in comfort on the hottest of days and tractors with outstanding reliability, to ensure I can get the job done,” says Mick.

Kubota L series tractors feature fuel efficient Kubota diesel engines incorporating Kubota’s three vortex combustion system (E TVCS). These large displacement engines create high power output and power take-off (PTO) torque required for this type of turf work , along with cleaner emissions and less vibrations.

The newer Kubota L40 series tractors have the latest in hydrostatic transmissions, HST Plus, which has four innovative functions that create a new dimension of performance and ease of operation.

By simply adjusting a dial, operators can select the required response from the HST operating pedal. Especially helpful when working on turf areas, operators can choose between manual and automatic mode of hydraulic dual speed (H-DS). This H-DS allows traditional hi - lo shifting even on the move in each of the 3 transmission ranges to create a total of 6 operating ranges.

Another new feature of the HST Plus is load-sensing stall guard that automatically manages power to the wheels to prevent engine stall, even under heavy load.

In addition, a new auto throttle advance feature simulates the ease of driving an automatic transmission car by synchronizing tractor speed and engine power with the HST pedal. This feature also helps reduce the L40 series fuel consumption.

Mick continued: “Most of my machinery is three point linkage mounted, so it is important that this area of the tractor stands up. Kubota Tractors offer me that reliability, have excellent lifting and carrying capacity and have the strength to take hours of heavy work”

Integrated factory fitted Kubota cabins ensure operator comfortability. These cabins offer operators:

  • spacious layout
  • high back reclining seats with armrests
  • superior visibility
  • ample head room and leg room
  • excellent cooling or heating capacity
  • frameless, open glass windows and doors for 360 degree visibility.
The operator platform has a full floating rubber cushion that reduces vibration and makes the L40 tractor very quiet.

To ensure the operator can keep a close eye on the L40 series tractor’s operating conditions an Intelli Panel digital display provides easy to read indicators and sensor messages.

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