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Kubota's New L4400 Tractor

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“A perfect balance of form and function” is a good description for Kubota’ s new 45 horsepower L4400 tractor.

When you are more comfortable, you are more productive.

With this in mind Kubota engineers designed the new generation of budget tractors. Beginning in 2004 with the 34 horsepower L3400 tractor and now expanding the range with the L4400.

The slanted hood and enclosed muffler with low-exit exhaust gives them a sleek and modern look, and the design provides improved visibility as well.

Whether performing simple maintenance or a more involved repair, the newly designed, one piece, full-opening hood exposes most engine components, making it easier to do either.

Other practical features include a spacious semi-flat deck and conveniently located control levers.

World-renowned for its reliability and power, the L4400’s Kubota E-TVCS diesel engine generates 37.5 PTO horsepower to let you tackle any job.

The rugged power plant also delivers dynamic output and high torque, and produces cleaner emissions with low noise and vibration.

Other features include operator presence control (OPC), engine key stop, and more. Hydrostatic power steering is also a standard on the L4400.

For easier front-end loader operation the L4400,’s range shift-has a forward/reverse mechanical shuttle shift in the low and reverse ranges.

The transmission offers 8 forward and 4 reverse speeds (8F/4R) enabling you to select the perfect speed for higher productivity.

A user friendly hydraulic PTO and three point linkage is fitted to the L4400.

This convenient feature lets you operate the hydraulic independent PTO without using a clutch.

Operating its stationary PTO is as easy as flipping up the driver’s seat.

Included also as standard is a flip up PTO cover, Top link holder and telescopic stabilizers.

To ensure maximum productivity, Kubota has designed a performance-matched front-end loader.

Thanks to Kubota’s new attaching/detaching system, you can now attach and detach mounting pins and hose couplings from the driver’s seat, quickly and easily.

As a result, you can move from job to job with great efficiency. Boom-mounted loader stands make access easy and allow the loader to stand alone when detached.

In short, the four-wheel drive L4400 is packed with features yet retains a value for money price of only $26,620 including GST

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