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New M-X Powershift Tractors 95 -125 Horsepower

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Kubota Tractor Australia P/L is set to continue its sales momentum in 2005 with another major new tractor release announced at a national dealer conference in Adelaide recently.

The introduction of these stunning new models will benchmark the start of a European style specification and look for Kubota’s M Series tractors. The new line will comprise of the 95hp M95X, the 105hp M105X and the new flagship a 125hp top of the range model-the M125X.

With a new slanted bonnet design to improve visibility, featuring a one-piece design, which opens fully with simply a tug on the lever as dual gas struts do the rest making engine maintenance a breeze. A new wrap around style grill both enhances the appearance and adds functionality by allowing a higher volume of air-flow through the radiator, oil cooler and air conditioning condenser. On the subject of the condenser it is a slide out type to make cleaning easier.

The new luxurious Cab has also been redesigned with the operator in mind. The adjustable air suspension seat can swivel to the left and right for better vision when working with attachments on the rear of the tractor. Transmission and linkage function controls are located in the arm rest of the seat. The vision to the rear for hooking up implements is also much improved with the lower rear panel now being replaced by glass. The visibility to the front is now like a panoramic picture with the increase in glass area, while also the exhaust has been repositioned to the corner post so that there is nothing to impede the panoramic vision. The operators console has been totally changed with all the controls moved forward to within easy reach of the operators, right hand, no more fumbling and looking for buttons and switches for Kubota owners. Another new feature is the Liquid Crystal display, which gives a ground and PTO speed readout.

One of the main features of these new X Series tractors will be the Intelli-shift transmission, which senses increased load on the tractor and can then make up to three down shifts to ensure the engine & PTO speed will remain constant. The tractor will automatically up shift once the draft load eases.

All three tractor models are fitted with a eight speed power-shift transmission, with a “clutch-less” range shift between the low and the high range. It is now possible to achieve all sixteen power-shift speeds at the touch of a button without to using the clutch pedal. In addition there is the microprocessor controlled Electro-hydraulic shuttle for a smoother forward-reverse transition, making it a perfect feature for loader work.

An optional eight-speed creep cassette can be fitted which allows for operations requiring very low speeds down to 0.37 km/h; taking the total number of gear speeds available up to 24.

When the Auto Mode for the Intelli-shift transmission is selected the operator can select either field or travel model. In field mode when the tractor is working, for example using a power harrow and tougher soil conditions are encountered, placing a load on the tractor causes the engine speed to drop. The tractor senses the additional load and will automatically downshift a gear allowing the engine a chance to recover its speed. If the engine continues to labour it will downshift a further gear. The Intelli-shift transmission is able to downshift a maximum of three gears automatically. When the engine recovers it will automatically up-shift back to the original working speed.

When the travel mode is selected the transmission will respond in a similar manner to the field mode as it is designed for work with towed implements such as a round baler. Other travel features include the ability for the tractor to downshift three gears automatically, for example if the engine throttle speed is reduced to negotiate a tight curve it will downshift the gears automatically (maximum of three) depending on the engine throttle position. If the tractor is brought to a halt, it will automatically downshift three speeds making it possible to drive off from the standstill position without the need for the operator to engage the power-shift, allowing the tractor to automatically up-shift the three gears as it is driven off.

The M95X and the M105X, feature a new 3.8 Litre, turbo charged, four-cylinder diesel engine with the featuring an intercooler. While the engines are designed to meet the latest Tier II emission regulations they feature four valves per cylinder along with a dual air intake passage on each cylinder, which not only improves the engines breathing but also allows the diesel injectors to be positioned centrally for injection into the combustion chamber. In this way the optimum swirl pattern is achieved for a cleaner and more efficient burn

The M125X has a 5.8 Litre, turbo charged, five-cylinder diesel engine, utilising the latest direct injection technology. Moreover due to the long stroke and large displacement characteristics of the F5802 engine, the M125x produces a massive forty five per cent PTO torque rise, enabling its superb lugging power.

The two hydraulic pumps have been relocated to the top of the transmission to reduce the number of pipes and hoses required to move the oil around the tractor. This in turn reduces back pressure and thus lowers the heat build up in the system for improved efficiency. Oil flow at the remotes is just over 75 litres a minutes and lift capacity for the three point linkage is 4285KG. 610mm behind the lift point. There are two external switches for the raising and lowering of the three point at the back of both left and right rear fenders.

The three tractors are standard with bevel gear four wheel drive and feature Kubota’s unique Bi Speed steering system. When the front steering angle exceeds 35 Degrees the Bi Speed system activates a clutch, which increases the rotational speed of the front wheels allowing the tractor a turning radius similar to a two wheel drive equivalent. Front and rear differential locks are also standard on each machine ensuring positive traction at all times.

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