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Goat and Sheep Yard Sets from Kurraglen Industries

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Kurraglen Industries  specialises in manufacturing a wide range of livestock equipment such as yards, sheep and goat handlers, loading ramps and draft races and modules. Panels and gates, goat and sheep weighing machine and accessories are also available from Kurraglen Industries.

Kurraglen Industries designs, develops and manufactures all its products using quality materials. Kurraglen Industries manufactures its products specifically for small enterprise farmers or hobby farmers who are looking for economically priced and affordable products. Kurraglen Industries offers rugged, reliable and durable products. Being a small operated business, Kurraglen Industries offers its products directly to the customers. Kurraglen Industries constantly adds new and improved products to its range to satisfy varied customers’ demands.

Kurraglen Industries offers goat and sheep yard sets which can hold about 30 cattle heads. Goat and sheep yard sets include panels, gates in panels, a V-sided draft race module, a V-sided draft race extension and an adjustable ramp. All necessary hardware is included in the yard sets. Special price is offered for a complete yard set. Goat and sheep yard sets are also available for holding 50, 100 and 120 cattle heads.

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