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Loading ramps, gates and panels from Kurraglen Industries

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Kurraglen Industries  offers goat and sheep panels and gates, loading ramps and accessories. Goat and sheep panels measure 1200 millimetres and 2.2 metres in height and length respectively. The panels have 7 rails and are made from first grade galvanised steel materials. Panels and gates are constructed using 25 millimetres RHS rails and 40 millimetres end posts. Each panel is supplied with joining lugs and pins. Gate in panels are another livestock equipment that shares similar features like the panels.

Kurraglen Industries offers adjustable loading ramps which are suitable for both sheep and goats. The loading ramps can be easily adjusted by using an installed winch, and can also be adjusted from truck down to trailer height. Loading ramps are made of first grade galvanised materials and feature high galvanised side sheets, flaps and a steel floor.

Kurraglen Industries offers accessories such as zinc plated lug and pin sets, double lugs, single lugs and yard pins. In addition to providing panels, gates, loading ramps and accessories, Kurraglen Industries also offers goat and sheep yard sets, draft races and modules and goat and sheep weighing equipment.

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