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Round Bale Feeders and other agricultural products

What is the Round Bale Feeder?

KY General Engineering is a specialist bale feeding system able to feed any size bale and can hold up to 2 round bales at any one time

The Round Bale Feeder is an ideal tool to be used around the farm, taking the hassle out of feeding life stock in a safe, manageable and easy way. 

The Bale Feeder is just one of many agricultural engineering products available from KY General Engineering.

The rugged chasis design of the round bale feeder seperates itself from other farming equipment as it has been specifically designed for Australia's tough and rugged environment.

Features of the Round Bale Feeder

  • Simple and positive loading system
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Able to feed out both sides
  • Rear mounted hydraulic motorLarge flotation tyres
  • Nylon support strips
  • Enclosed Twine Box

Specifications of the Round Bale Feeder

  • Drive: 24 cu inch White Hydraulic Motor
  • Wheel Equipment: 235/75R 15
  • Diverter Valve: Standard
  • Twine Box: Standard
  • Heavy Duty Jack: Standard
  • Drive Chain: 3 inch 6000lb Conveyor Chain
  • Nylon Support Strips: Standard
  • Overall Width: 2180mm (7ft 2in)
  • Bale Chamber Length: 1725mm (5ft 8in)
  • Weight: 860 kg (1892lbs)

KY General Engineering manufacture and supply a range of specilaist agricultural farming products including the Round Bale Feeder and Irrigation Pumps. 

For more information on Round Bale Feeders contact KY General Engineering

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