Fully Programmable Electric Linear Actuators by LINAK


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LA36, LA33, LA25, LA14

LINAK linear actuators are hi-tech electric devices able to convert rotational motion in low voltage DC motors into linear push/pull movement. Electric actuators are the perfect solution when you need simple, safe and clean movement with accurate and smooth motion control. LINAK linear actuators are ideal for all sorts of applications where tilting, lifting, pulling, or pushing with thrusts up to 15,000 N is required.

The LA33 – a mid-range powerhouse

Many manufacturers of adjustable applications used within for example farming, mobile agriculture, or industrial automation are familiar with LINAK actuators like LA14, LA25, and LA36. Now a new mid-range “family” member completes the LINAK portfolio.

LINAK has launched a new powerful actuator. The electric linear actuator LA33. It is a mid-range powerhouse built on a whole 35 years of specialised knowledge accumulated in LINAK. The LA33 provides a perfect fit where small actuators lack the power, or where large actuators are undue.

Being a manufacturer of machinery for strenuous environments, you will surely recognise the features of the LINAK programme of robust actuators, and understand why the LA33 fits in so perfectly.

Shares the same features and options

The LA33 shares the same advantageous features of all the robust actuators in the LINAK family.
LINAK Integrated Controller, hall sensors for relative and absolute feedback, proportional speed control, precise positioning through analogue or digital feedback, and many other things can all be part of your LA33 solution.

If you want to know more about the features of the LA33, visit our LA33 product site.

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