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The Ride-On Tyre Protection System (“Ride-On TPS”) – Tyre Sealants

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LSM Technologies  are the exclusive suppliers of the Ride-On TPS a revolutionary line of tyre sealants formulated to prevent flats caused by punctures from nails, thorns, screws and other debris. Ride-On TPS tyre sealants are available in various formulations to meet every application and tyre need.

Just a few of the features and benefits of Ride-On TPS tyre Sealants are:  

  • Reduces downtime and extends tyre life - Prevents flats, seals multiple punctures up to 13.0 mm (1/2") in diameter, slow leaks, vent holes, bead seats and o-ring leaks.
  • Will not harm tyres and wheels - conditions tyre casings and contains corrosion inhibitors that help reduce scale and corrosion build up.
  • Safe to use – The tyre sealants are Non-flammable, non-hazardous, biodegradable.
  • Water dispersible - Washes out with plain water leaving no residue. Ride-On will not interfere with the application of boots, section or tyre plug and patch repairs.
  • Lowers labour costs - helps with mounting and de-mounting of off-road, industrial, mining and agricultural tyres. High heat can cause a tyre to weld itself to a rim, resulting in hours of labour spent trying to break free the tyre bead and ultimately resulting in damage to the tyre and rim.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions – The Tyre Sealants are specially formulated to prevent freezing at extremely low temperatures -40 DegC (-40 DegF) and separation at high temperatures.

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