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Stud bulls and cows from Laglan Pastoral Company

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Laglan Pastoral Company  is a cattle breeding enterprise that runs appropriately 15,000 heads of cattle that include stud cattle, commercial breeders and back grounding cattle. Laglan Pastoral Company has about 12 single sired and several multi-sired herds. Laglan Pastoral Company mated over 100 cows to Charolais bulls which resulted in good progeny. Laglan Pastoral Company offers a selected number of cattle at the Inta Emerald. Paddock raised bulls are also offered by Laglan Pastoral Company.

Laglan Pastoral Company uses embryo transfer and Artificial Insemination (AI) programmes in its breeding techniques to produce quality cattle. Laglan Pastoral Company sells over 40,000 head per year and uses sires such as JDH Sir Andre Manso (IMP US), BNA Double Take Manso (ET), Mr MK Vernon 349/1 (IMP US) (ET), Tartrus Redmount 2365 (ET), Wilarandy S Branson (AI) (ET), JDH Mr Manso 733/3 (IMP US), Rathlyn Revolution, Lancefield Innamincka 3385, NCC Mboma 156 (ET), Lancefield S Diploma 3361 and Rathlyn Powerhouse 7091 (AI) (ET). aglan Pastoral Company specialises in breeding quality bulls and cows that meet current market. Laglan Pastoral Company also offers semen for sale.

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