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Trilac 3300

Lallemand Animal Nutrition manufacture Trilac 3300 silage inoculants with enzymes providing additional water soluble carbohydrates for lactic fermentation and improved NDF digestibility in grass silage.

Superior Silage Technology
This new enzyme package offers the following features and benefits:
  • Three strains of bacteria that are genetically enhanced
  • 300,000 colony forming units
  • University tested
  • Suitable for low DM crops
  • Produces sugars for fermentation
  • Improves the feeding value of forages
  • Lowers dry matter losses
  • Enhanced nutrient retention and bunk stability
  • Stressed forage performing better
  • Rumen digestibility of forage improved
Several studies have shown that feeding silage inoculated with Trilac 3300 increases milk production for dairy cows of 2.7kg per day and 1.04kg.

Trilac 3300 bacterial forage inoculants has been tested by a strict total quality management system to ensure manufacturing quality.
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