Feedlot Gold® Silage Technology from Lallemand Animal Nutrition

Feedlot Gold® Silage Technology for quality reliable cattle feed
Feedlot Gold® Silage Technology for quality reliable cattle feed
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Feedlot Gold® Silage Technology

Using intelligent agricultural technology, Feedlot Gold® has developed an advanced bacterial formulation to reduce fermentation time and increase quality with long lasting results.

Rumen health strength is dependent on quality silage and critical for your cattle investment; Feedlot Gold gives you peace of mind.

Quick and effective growth of acid in silage for increased enzymes and digestibility
  • Formulated enzyme technology opens up cellulose for increased digestibility
  • Faster fermentation of silage for greater retention of essential nutrients
  • Power Feedlot Gold ® enzymes access more fibre chains for better rumen health
Silage with aerobic stability for longer lasting quality feed
  • Propionic acid from Propionbacterium freudenrichi enhances aerobic stability for resilient feed
  • No protein break down and organic acid for growth with high performing Pediococcus pentosaceus ingredient
Quality assured control with independent testing
  • Independently tested with stringent Total Quality Management System for product confidence
  • Patented formula with US Military standard foil packaging
Versatile strength with effective growth on a variety of forage crops in a diverse range of pH values and temperatures.

Benefit the health of your cattle and increase productivity with fast fermenting using Feedlot Gold® Silage by Lallemand Animal Nutrition.

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